A Social Media Implosion  

Last night I was working late trying to get more followers on Twitter while participating in several LinkedIn discussions.  After that I went on to staring at my languishing blog for an hour or so without typing anything.  I was quickly side tracked from that by an email from a friend requesting that I "Like" her Facebook page for an upcoming book and help spread the word.  At some point after that I found myself back on Blogger but this time just clicking "Next Blog" repeatedly.  When I realized I was no longer being productive I opened my word processor to begin writing.

It took realizing that I wasn't being productive to light my writing fire.  Now I am thinking back on it wondering if I had actually done anything productive at all.  The essence of writing is to actually put words on a page.  With everyone from publishers to agents pumping the word platform into us it is easy to get lost in what we are supposed do.  Remember that as writers the only criteria that need be met is writing.  When we cease to do that, for whatever reason, we cease being writers.

Having given much thought to this I have resolved to put myself on a more strict writing schedule.  A schedule that doesn't include marketing or networking as part of my writing process.  A well developed media platform may be the key to success, but it is nothing without a well developed product along side of it.

Just a thought.

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Well Said!