Under Payed

If you were to map out how much time you spend on research and writing; would it be worth it? In truth I probably make around $0.10 an hour if I am lucky. I spend a lot of time both researching and polishing my material. This makes writing for dollars somewhat frustrating. But we didn't get into this to become billionaires did we? No writing is a passion. Writers don't choose to write, it chooses them. I write to survive, get the voices out of my head and be heard. Why do you write?


Your Plot Thickens said...

Hah, got into writing for pretty much the same reason. Nice blog.


Dan said...

Yeah, it's funny what you think about at four in the morning. Thanks for the comment. Your blog is pretty cool.

Regge Ridgway said...

The thing about writing, it is a lot like singing in the shower. It usually sounds good to us but not so much to every one else. A sobering truth and hard to swallow I know. Therefore I pretty much write for myself and hope someone reads me but don't dwell on it as much as I used to. As for making money It is a crapshoot. right place right time. Amanda Hocking hit it just right when twilight was hot and people were searching for like content after getting a kindle for christmas. anyway greaat blog and check me out if bored at http://characterswellmet.blogspot.com

Lara said...

@Regge. I definitely second what you're saying here. Yes, so often what we write sounds great to us, but not to anyone else. :-(

Feedback, feedback, feedback.
And rewrite, rewrite, rewrite.


Dan said...

Great comparison Regge. I was just reading an article about Amanda Hocking, pretty amazing story... but yeah right place right time. Nice looking Blog and thanks for the follow.