Something Different 

I took a small break from updating my blog this month.  Actually I took a small break from writing all together.  I realized that if I am to have any semblance of a writer's life it can't be lived confined to the four walls of my office.  That and I wanted to quit smoking.

Everything was fine until I started thinking of writing.  Then I started thinking of this blog.  And it all made me wonder when is enough enough?  Some of the greatest writers in history are built of off epic lives.  Fighting in wars, drugs, partying and enduring societal abuse are common.  The drive to write becomes an outlet, a way of coping with these lives.  But when we sit and write we are channeling these experiences not creating more. And it is inevitable that the creative well will go dry after enough draining.

So I pose a question; where is the middle ground?  How do you find balance in your life between living it and writing it?

On a side note it has been 432 hours since I smoked a cigarette.

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