Staying Motivated As A Writer


Lets face it, staying motivated is the key to being a successful writer. But having a career so intertwined with your personal life motivation can be a serious issue. It's easy when we're riding high with our muse in the passengers seat full of ideas and early morning coffee. And then something happens. You stop off at a rest stop for some lunch and when you come out your muse has hitched a ride with someone else. And sometimes she never even wants to get in the car with you. What do you do after the day from hell? Real life has worn your fingers to the bone and you just want to come home and go to sleep. Should you write? How do you get the creative car rolling again when it's broken down with a flat tire? Well would you just sit on the hood of your car and wait until it starts? No. Here are some ways I stay motivated when reality rears its ugly head and my creativity pressure gauge hits zero.

  1. Don't ever let the well go dry. Think of your creativity as a well. If you drink all of the water from your well it will refill itself. But it's going to take some time and rain to get it full again. Rather than let it go dry stop when your still on a roll. Only drink from the well just enough to get things done. That way you will never be sitting around waiting for inspiration.
  2. Protect your writing time, make it special even if the time has to change daily. Life doesn't always allow us to schedule things the way we want. But whatever time you write should be sacred. It's your time, your career and nobody should be allowed to interrupt it. Your family and friends will understand.
  3. Use writing as and an escape. You write not only to make money but because you want to. It provides you with some sort of inner fulfillment. Use it as an escape from the drudgery and let it be an exciting thing. Try and not let it be work.
  4. Don't be negative. If it's the first draft just let it go. This phase is simply you getting the idea out of your head. You can make it work later, right now just get it done. If it's a draft your editing try and remember that you are your own worst enemy. It will never be perfect and there is always somebody who will hate it. Let others criticize it, don't beat yourself up.
  5. Use the monotany as time to think. Some of the greatest creations were brought to life from great adversity. Keep notepads on or near you at all times. Shut off the television and use dish washing time as a way to generate ideas. If you really want to be a successful writer then everything else will eventually take the back burner. So when your at work in a cubicle thinking about where chapter three is going jot down some notes.


These are just some ideas that work for me and hopefully you can add them to your arsenol of writing weapons.

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